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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Friday, 6 January 2012

This song is called Mo'ungakula which is sung by Funga'onetaka. Mo'ungakula is the name of the place where they hang the prisoners which are sentenced to death in Tonga.
This song is about 2 brothers ( of whom their name i will not mentioned nor their village). They were drunk and on their way passing through Vaini. The brothers, being drunk, were singing, shouting swearing as they drove by Vaini. As they passed by the old cemetery in Vaini, someone shouted at them and told them off. the brothers didn't like it so they got off the truck and chase after this person ( whom name I will not mentioned). they finally cornered him to the mangroves and murdered this man with their machetes. 
Later they were put to prison and sentences them to death.  It was told by the Priest that visited them, that they felt regret for the thing that they did. They have repented and asked God for forgiveness.
Sadly that wasn't enough to lift their penalty from them. As the court had sentenced them, so it was carried out, they were hung in the place called Mo'ungakula.
After that event , the Queen announced that there will be no more hanging or death sentences. This leaves this incident as the last death sentence to be carried out in the Kingdom of Tonga.
Months later, someone made up this song as a reminder of what happen that day in Mo'ungakula.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

This song is called "Lose 'o Pema" sung by Funga'onetaka.
This song is about a Love story, A love story that didn't have a happy ending. The song was written by 'Ana Vea of Longomapu as her farewell song to her EX-fiance Vaimamaha Loseli of Longomapu.
The two lovers were destined to be together but something happened between them that only they know about, which leads them in two entirely different paths.
Vaimamaha Loseli ended up marrying Mele from Tu'anuku while 'Ana moved from Longomapu to another location that her carrier as a school teacher took her.
The name of 'Ana's home at Longomapu was and is still called "Pema" and Lose means Rose, so hence the name of the song as 'Ana as the Rose of Pema or the Lose 'o Pema. 'Ana wrote the song and gave it to Feke Tutu'ila a composer from Longomapu and after Feke was done with the song, he gave it to Mr.Manumu'a and the Funga'onetaka. The funga'onetaka then released the song in one of their album.
Of course, hearts were broken and tears were shed, leaving us with a negative feelings but as we look at it from the bright side, if it wasn't for this awful tragedy, we wouldn't have this remarkable song.